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Creating WOE Registry Accounts

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If you receive an Invite or link from Words of Expression, this is because a WOE Registered Guest, invited you to accept their invitation request to send your personalized thoughts that would only come from you to express your words of gratitude, thanks, condolences, congratulations, happy birthday wishes, anniversary or other personalized thoughts and wishes.  You can also upload a photo to add a special touch.

3 SIMPLE STEPS:  You will receive a follow up link using the email address or text to begin your WOE Experience. 

  1. It’s simple, just enter you name and email/text #
  2. Submit your Words of Expressions (write in your own words) to express the occasion according to your invitation.
  3. Upload a photo if you like and submit.

A WOE experience could be for any of the following reasons:

· Birthday, Wedding, Graduation, Anniversary, Appreciation, Memorial or other special occasions.

· As an invited guest, you are not required to accept the invitation.

· If you send a WOE request to an EXPIRED account, you will receive a notification from our registry services that your WOE was not accepted and that the Registered Guest Account is closed.. See our disclaimer below. 

Disclaimer: is a product of YBusiness Solutions LLC. We do not acknowledge or accept improper or offensive language. We reserve the right to disallow your request. A Registered Guest also reserves the right to include or disallow your WOE in their Memory Book. A Registered Guest is a paid registered customer and they reserve the right to delete, remove or deny any WOE Experiences at any time. No refunds or credits are allowed at any time. We do not discrimination based upon: 

· age

· career and parental status.

· disability (including physical, sensory and intellectual disability, work related injury, medical conditions, and mental, psychological and learning disabilities)

· employment activity.

· gender identity, lawful sexual activity and sexual orientation.

· industrial activity or

· marital status.