Frequently Asked Questions

What is The WOE Experience?

The WOE is an opportunity to share by writing in your own words to express your heart, thoughts and wishes for a love one, friend, family or just because.  The WOE is short for Words Of Expressions.

Why is this a registry service?

  • The WOE  is a registry service because it creates an online experience and opportunity for married couples, birthday guests, those attending funerals, or memorials, graduation and other celebrations to receive WOE from those who may not be able to attend.
  • The WOE registry service  works just like an online gift giving service. 
  • A registry service is an unique way to do something creative that will last longer than a card or note tucked in a drawer.
  • The WOE as a registry service is affordable and personal to both you and the register guest.
  • The WOE is not just a registry service but an online experience to send E-cards, gifts and more in the future.

I am in the military, far away from home, can you send monthly inspirations to my wife?


YES, we can and this is why The Woe exists.

  • Just think back at the countless times you could not attend a special gathering but wanted to send a gift to express what was truly on your heart. How did you feel missing out?
  • Being away from family is hard and missing birthdays, holidays and special occasions can be stressful and heartbreaking. 
  • The WOE is affordable and we offer monthly WOE to be sent out to your love one automatically.  All you have to do is subscribe and pay.  

You have questions?